Monday, May 9, 2011

In a Bind with Bucky

Bucky is still in the works.  Something I'm learning about rug hooking is that when you think you're done, you're not done.  When you're still hooking in those last loops and you start fantasizing about the next rug you're going to tackle, you might just forget that you still need to bind your rug, and that is not done in one sitting.  Unless you're watching the royal wedding. 

Why didn't I do this during the Royal Wedding!?!

Oh yes, the Royal Wedding was at 4 a.m.  I was brushing my teeth with coffee and putting my cereal in the toaster, so it's probably for the best I wasn't busy ruining my rug.

I did manage to get Bucky bound from watching Gene Shepherd's Internet Rug Camp video.  Is it as nice as Gene's?  NO.  But Gene is Gene, and I am The Rookie Hooker, so there are levels of accomplishment to consider.

Here is a picture of Bucky with the edges bound.  It's unfortunate that I took this picture against the lovely backdrop of the industrial carpet at work.

I bound the rug in black yarn, which does look nice and frames it up a bit.  You can see the binding on the back here:

Oooh, look at those puckers!  But when it's bound, it's bound, and I didn't have the heart to tear it all out.  Here is a close up of one of the corners being pinned with the binding.  Please ignore the obvious errors on the back of my rug!

I'm cringing a little bit more at this one.  I did trim the linen back, and I'm putting a magnet strip in the top binding so I can hang it at shows.  Once again, hoping I don't do anything to ruin poor Bucky.

Meanwhile, I am cutting my wool for project #2.  Of course, I am using my awesome Bee Line Townsend cutter.  It's very theraputic to run wool through that machine.  I loved working with the #7 cassette so much on my first rug that I'm doing my second rug in a #7 cut as well.  On the third rug I'll branch out a little and see what other new things I can try.  Rug #2 is going to be a floor rug for my house, a number of squares in squares in different colors.  Probably a little on the boring side, but I need to work on my technique, so this will be good practice.  I wish I had a color planner living next door!  I did buy some very beautiful wool at the Cream City Hook-In in Milwaukee a couple of weeks ago, I'll post pictures of that later this week.

Have a great week - I'm always up for suggestions or tips if you have any!