Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Little Showtime

Rug hooking isn't as prevalent in my area of the country, so the opportunity to attend rug hooking events are few and far between. When I had the opportunity to attend a local event last week, I jumped at the chance!

Beth Anne Smiley, owner and operator of one of our Bee Line Art Tools Distributors, Wheaten Woolens, had a rug hooking event in her store last Friday and needed a cassette, so got to leave the office and make a delivery.  When I arrived, not only were there rug hookers in Wheaten Woolens, but also Fran Riley, a reporter for our local Channel 6 station.  Fran was doing a story on rug hooking, and had Beth Anne show him the tricks of the trade.

Beth Anne Smiley, showing a pattern and explaining
what types of backing are used in rug hooking.

Some of Beth Anne's beautiful wool she sells from her shop.

The cameraman getting footage of rug hooking.

Beth Anne's personal assistant and public relations guru,
and the namesakes for the shop.

The outside of Wheaten Woolens - we just had a fresh
snowfall the night before. Isn't it pretty?

The segment aired on TV last night, and assuredly informed more people in our area about rug hooking, so thanks for spreading the good word, Beth Anne!