Monday, May 14, 2012

Visitors at The Bee Hive

Things have really been buzzing at the Bee Line - Townsend Bee Hive!  We've been shipping to shows and visiting shows, and have hosted visitors!  One of the visitors at the Bee Hive was none other than Jan Pierce, one of our BLT Fairy Godmothers and the person who originally connected the dots between the Townsend products and Bee Line Company.

Jan not only visited to pick up her brand new Bee Line 14" Orbiting Stand Frame (available at distributors and on our website this week), but to show me some of her work as well.  Lucky me!

Jan's new frame - happy hooking!

I'm hosting a Rug Hooking Exhibit at the Quad Cities International Airport this fall, and asked Jan if she would be so kind as to lend us a few pieces of her work.  The biggest problem is that there is so much from which to choose!

Me and Jan with her first piece, a frog pillow which won an award.  Her husband Bud was obviously so distracted by his lovely wife that he didn't get the whole pillow in the picture, so here is the whole piece:

Pretty, no?  Here are the other terrific rugs I had the pleasure of viewing:

Viking Ship

The turkey in this rug is made entirely from recycled and repurposed wool -
amazing work with the color scale on this one.

Santa Rug

This beautiful Storybook Rug - this picture does NOT do it justice.

A paisley rug, which is a work in progress.

A close up of the paisley - love the colors here!

This beautiful woman, who had just been framed.

A little closer on the woman -
I believe this was hooked in #3's, #4's and #5's.  Lovely.

Since I'm a bona fide newbie, this was a great day for me.  It's so fun to see the work of others, and to hear the stories behind each rug.  We're lucky to have Jan's input and influence, and love to have hookers stop by the shop.  If you're ever in the Quad Cities, call me!  I'd love to see your work and show you around!