Wednesday, July 13, 2011

And The Project Is....PUMPKINS!

Even though I already have the pattern for a new rug, circles within squares, I've been distracted by something a little more fun...


Aren't they cute!?  I bought my pattern from Wicked Wool online, and just started hooking it today.  Beth, the owner of Wicked Wool in the Seattle area, showed me a darling green one that she hooked, and I'm starting the orange one.  Mine will not have the adorable face, I will be lucky to have a nice solid orange pumpkin and save the face for the next one, but the kit I bought has the different shades of orange and a cinnamon stick for the stem.  I'm loving the white Cinderella pumpkin, and the spider is very cool.  Beth has a fun and funky website, I love visiting Wicked Wool!

I met a local hooker, the lovely Julie Bohl, for coffee and some hooking.  It's funny, we drank coffee and talked about rug camps and this is how much hooking I did:

At this rate, I'll be done by Halloween 2012.
So the lesson here is that I need to teach myself how to drink coffee, hook, and talk at the same time.  I know it's possible, I see you all do it at Hook-Ins, but I don't see a video on Gene Shepherd's Internet Rug Camp about this topic, so I might be on my own here.  Gene?  It's time to get the camera out.
Here is the kit that arrived from Wicked Wool with my darling pumpkin in it:

It has a veriety of orange wool strips, the pattern, the instructions, some nice pictures, and a cinnamon stick for the stem.  It's looks very easy, and the pictures are really cute.  Here is what Beth's pumpkin looks like when hooked:
So cute!

I'm hoping for the same effect in orange.  I will be so thrilled if mine turns out anything like hers, but I might be in luck because I am a Bona Fide Packer, and this project loves packers!

Now I need the video of Beth making this pumpkin while talking to people, drinking coffee, and maybe refereeing fights over which kid gets the remote.  Actually, if there is a video about refereeing which kid gets the remote, I might need that one too.  Now I need TWO videos.  Or two remotes.  It depends on how much trouble I want.

I'll post my pumpkin when I'm ready to move on to the next stage.  Not sure how much more hooking I'll get done this week, my family leaves on Friday for a week in Atlanta and Nashville.  If anyone can recommend a video on how to have a calm, happy 13-hour ride in a minivan across the country in the heat of July with three kids and a cranky husband, I'm all ears.