Monday, February 20, 2012

Red Stick Rug Hooking in Baton Rouge

Hello all! 

I'm taking a little break from my Iowa rug to take my family to Disney for the first time, so no hooking shall be done while I'm drinking in the pixie dust!

However, Gayle Soileau of Red Stick Rug Hooking in Baton Rouge, Lousiana, one of our fantabulous Bee Line - Townsend distributors, held a hook-in a week ago where she was selling the Bee Line-Townsend products, and she sent me some wonderful pictures to share.

Gayle demonstrating one of our fabulous wool cutting machines!

A student showing a visitor how hooking is done.

Teacher Anita White giving a talk on paisley and how to use in a rug,
model is another teacher, Capri Boyle Jones.

Sondra Ives from Texas won the raffle rug - so cute!

Kathy Meetemeyer and some of her students.....

It's a Throw Down!

Doesn't that look like fun!  I just love seeing other people's work, and I wish I was standing in the middle of this picture with my arms out, and then could walk around and look at each individual rug.

Thanks for sharing, Gayle!

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  1. oh my... there are so many talented folks out there! - and lucky the ones that have the best top-of-the-(bee)line products!!!! :-)