Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Signing the Card

One great thing about learning to rug hook is that the rug hooking community is so supportive and willing to teach the newbies.  I find I learn a lot from looking around at other people's blogs and websites, and it helps me to reflect on my work and see what I can do to improve.  Some of my favorites are Gene Shepherd's, Susan Feller's, Rug Hooking Daily, and The Welcome Mat.

The other day I was perusing Gene's blog, and I saw some signed rugs, and I thought, "Egad!  I haven't signed anything I've hooked!"  Since Bucky Bee is technically Bee Line Company's rug I wasn't too concerned, but my sister's Magdelena purse (hooked, but yet unfinished, I have until Dec. 22 to get it to her before her next birthday) is not signed, and my Iowa Vintage Postcard is also unsigned.  I worked to fix that immediately.

Numbers and letters aren't exactly "my thing" yet, but I can read them so at least I'll know when I hooked this piece.  Provided I get it done in 2012, of course!  It looks a little more like a child's vintage needlework sampler than the beautiful, flowing letters I see on some hookers' work, but it'll do.

It's a wonderful thing that Bee Line Company has recognized the importance of having a rug hooker in the company, and so I'm able to do some hooking during the day.  I get PLENTY of ribbing from people walking through my office area while I'm hooking, but I know I'm pretty lucky, so I only have a sharp retort for the fourth or fifth person who comments. :)  Great restraint, I know!  Today was one of those lucky days when I have a little time to get some hooking done. 

I finished my barn and the patch of sky next to it.  My barn is a little slopey, but hey, so are a lot of barns in Iowa!  It's unintentional realism, people!

It's fun seeing the rug start to take shape and get some color in it. I love the pop of red from that barn, and am still in love with that pomegranite wool from LeAnn at Camp Wool in Maine.  When I took my rug off of the frame to take my picture, I realized there is still an issue:

Oh dear.  Once a packer, always a packer?  I certainly hope not!  Looks like I'll be relying on a good steam again for this rug.


  1. Your postcard rug is coming along great! Love the colors.

  2. Aww, thanks! I love the colors too - wish I could take credit, but I've had a lot of input from people far better than I!