Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hooking at Hopkins Hook-In

Unfortunately, I haven't been hooking much in the last two weeks because we've been getting ready for the five, count 'em, FIVE shows we shipped this week.  If you're interested in seeing any Bee Line - Townsend equipment in the next couple of week, here is where we'll be:

1.  Nola Heidbreder's booth at the Hook In at the Kirkwood Community Center this Saturday in St. Louis
2.  Cottage House Primitive's Booth at the Cream City Hook In in Milwaukee today!
3.  Sheep Thrills booth at the Hook In in Saline, Michigan on Saturday
4.  River Gallery's booth at the Nova Scotia Spring School in early May
5.  Hopkins Hook In at Calvary Lutheran Church in Golden Valley, MN in the Going Gray booth this Saturday!

Shari and I, the two people who answer the phones and handle all orders at Bee Line, will be traveling up to the show to see Martha Reeder at Going Gray, and hanging out at the Hook In for the afternoon.  We get to make a stop at Ewe and Eye in Osage, Iowa, on the way up north, so it will be a hooking extravaganza packed into about 26 hours.

I'm bringing my Iowa Postcard Rug and one of our new 14" Orbiter Frames to hook on, and I'm hoping to find some white wool.  Everything I've found thus far is cream, but I'd really like some white for my clouds and letter outlines.  It's always fun to look around at the booths and be tempted by the wares...sometimes seeing all of the wool available, after not being able to buy any locally for months, is a little overwhelming.  I get panicky, thinking, "This is my last chance until the next show, what do I need?"

What I NEED is to make the liner for this:

The Magdelena Purse for my sister.  Unfinished projects make me crazy.  But sometimes it's more FUN to start a new project with new wool.  But oh, the guilt on that purse...

Hope to see you this Saturday!

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