Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Dreaming of Cambria...

The good news around Bee Line - Townsend is that we've been really busy in the past month.  The bad news is that it leaves me absolutely no time to hook, so my Vintage Iowa Postcard rug is at a standstill.  I look at it every day, next to my desk, and think "Maybe today...." and then the phone rings or something comes up that needs attention.  It's a good problem to have, but I'm missing the hooking.  I like progress!

Something else I try to do every day is check Gene Shepherd's blog.  I'm subscribed to his Internet Rug Camp, which I love, and get the extended version of the blog.  There is always something interesting going on there.  Maybe not every project is something I'm going to tackle, but I'm interested in the process.  Dyeing, proddy, punch needle....I need to get the basics down first, but I like seeing what the possibilities are down the road, and sometimes looking at these things can give one an idea about how to do a current project a bit differently.

So this week is Gene's Cambria Pines Rug Hooking Camp, and I'm sooooo jealous I can't be there!  First, it's in sunny California, so really, how bad can it be?  The resort looks beautiful, and Gene had pictures on the blog of the wools and patterns he has available at camp.  Pris Butler was there with her Klimdt rugs, which look amazing.  Doesn't it seem like this should be a work trip for me?  Isn't it imperative that I get out to Cambria Pines Camp as a public relations tool for my company, to hook all day and into the night?

It's a sacrifice I would be willing to make.  Maybe after ATHA Biennial next year I can get Cambria on my schedule...

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