Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Two Flowers Blooming

I FINALLY made some progress hooking this week!  Yay!  I've slowly but surely managed to get two flowers done in my Grannie's Flower Garden, purchased from Nola Heidbreder.  I hooked them at work and hardly anyone said, "Man, I wish I had YOUR job" when they walked by and saw me hooking.  My normal response to that is, "Yeah, I'm pretty lucky, aren't I?"

My last progress picture, which was taken MONTHS ago.  This poor rug just sat fodder in my cubicle, giving me sad faces and sighing. A LOT.

Yesterday I was determined to get moving on it and get this garden growing! It is springtime in Iowa, after all.  I grabbed my hook, and next thing you know, two flowers bloomed on my frame.

I'm still in love with this pomegranate wool I received from LeAnn Hodgson at Camp Wool - this is the last of that wool, which is beautiful!

Both of the flower centers are overdyed plaid wool, and I still love seeing how patterned wool looks when it's hooked.

Once again, I haven't color planned this and am flying by the seat of my pants. One of these days I'll actually sit down and plan out my rugs, because every beautiful rug I've ever laid eyes on has been color planned, hence the gorgeous results.  For now, I'm still enjoying my Rookie status and having some fun just throwing things together and seeing how it ends.

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