Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Animal Purse: Still Not Finished!

Oh boy.

I'm going to say this purse has been a learning experience.  I did not get it done in time for my sister's birthday, but I did get the hooking done in time for New Years'.  I still need to steam it and make the liner and get the handles on.

However - I made a rookie error.  I didn't buy enough wool for the background!  I had this really beautiful dark tobacco colored wool I bought from Charlotte at ATHA Biennial whose store name I can't remember to save my life, which is unfortunate because she was lovely and the wool is terrific.  I got very lucky in that I had most of it hooked, so I filled in the background on the bottom with a black Dorr wool I had,  but it was definitely a learning experience:

Always Buy More Wool Than You Think You'll Need!

I am really happy with how the animals turned out - this is technically my third finished project, so while I know there is a lot of room for improvement, I know I can can do it.  That's kind of a relief!

Here is a photo of it before it was steamed:

I'm always amazed by how much steaming does to improved the project.  It's like magic!  I'm counting on the iron to correct the err of my ways.

On to the liner - it's time to dust off my sewing machine and get 'er done.


  1. I suspect you bought your background wool from Charlotte Price. You should join Yahoo Rughookers, you can get answers to questions like that from more than 3000 members - almost any rug hooking problem can be solved. http://groups/yahoo.com/group/rughookers
    There is also a bulletin board where you can advertise the Beeline Townsend cutter.

  2. Hello @Rughooker! You are absolutely correct, I did buy it from Charlotte Price, and I regret not buying more, even for future projects. It is a really beautiful deep tobacco brown. I'm in Yahoo Rughookers and at Welcome Mat, but I'm still learning how to finagle my way around those sites. LOTS of information out there!
    Thanks so much for your help!