Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Animal Purse: Five Days Left

I mentioned before that I purchased the Magdelena's Animal Purse, a Wooley Fox pattern, from Janice Lee's store, The Rug Hooking Store and Black Horse Antiques, in Valley Nebraska when I was there for Janice's Hook-In.  My sister lives in Omaha, and she was with me in Janice's store and liked the purse, so I bought the pattern intending to make it for her birthday, which is on Dec. 22.

People who have December birthdays get really irked about getting combo birthday/Christmas presents, so I made sure this purse had no Santa's or reindeer on it.  This is what the finished purse looks like at Janice's store:

Look at the even loops!  The lovely colors!  The finished product!  Janice's purse was more of a black/gray background with some navy and burgundy worked in there.  My sister's purse has a tobacco/mahogany background.  I worked on it some on the way to ATHA Biennial, and a little tiny bit at ATHA, but that show was so busy I didn't really have time to hook.  I took it out at Green Mountain in Vermont, and got some of the animals done.  I really like the fox:

Here is the other side of the purse - I've been able to make some progress at work because I've been test hooking 14" Orbiting frames!  I love days when I get to hook at work!

That rabid-looking Yorkie thing at the bottom will end up being a raccoon - I wish I would have given him bigger eye patches, I think I'm going to have to reverse hook the eyes and make them more raccoon-y.

Here is what I have yet to hook:

So.  I need to get this all hooked, make the liner, and find some handles, and it has to be shipped by Monday to get to her on time.  My in-laws are coming for our first family Christmas this weekend, so not sure how much time I'll have for hooking then, but I feel a hooking marathon night coming.....

In the interim, at Bee Line- Townsend we do have some of the original Townsend 14" Orbiters for sale on eBay.  We only had 19 available for sale, and these are the last of the Townsend models.  We'll be launching our own frames in the spring, but if you need a great frame now, this is the way to go.  I've been hooking on the one we decided to keep for the company this week, and I am SPOILED.  Here is the link to the frames if you are interested:

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