Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sauder Pictures, Part 2

Yesterday I posted a bunch of pictures from Sauder Village Rug Hooking Week, but I didn't want to do too many for fear they wouldn't load on the site, so in the words of Walter Cronkite, here is The Rest of The Story:

I am a HUGE fan of dogs, and I plan to someday hook my Standard Poodle, George.  Whenever I see hooked dogs, I always stop and take note. 

This Bassett Hound was so full of joy!  The photo doesn't even come close to capturing the essence of this great dog.  The subtle variations in the sky in the background were terrific.

Right below the Bassett was this spunky Airdale.  The colors in this rug were amazingly vibrant, and I love how the red background was hooked.

Right around the corner was this fun pup, I'm assuming a Maltese maybe?  This one attracted me because my George is an apricot poodle, so he is very creamy, and I'm a fan of the Warhol prints with the great color silkscreen.  This rug captures what I picture doing with George.

"What cute dog is going to be a rug someday?  Huh?  Is it you George? Yes it is!"

This rug is really big - I can't even get my head around how much work goes into these pieces!  I'm still learning the rudimentary steps in rug hooking, but I told my husband it's like 3D chess - you make one move and it affects things on three other layers.  Your color choice, your cut choice, your loop height, your hooking seems to be equally freeing and restricting to think about all of these choices!

These rugs were hooked by Patty Yoder, and they are all very large rugs.  Again, the time and effort into these beautiful pieces is staggering.  The sheep in the middle is another inspiration for my George rug, because he rather looks like a sheep.  I love the guy standing next to the cow in the barn.

The center part of the exhibit was a large collection of rugs hooked by Magdalena Briner Eby, and the interpretation rugs designed and hooked by the talented Evelyn Lawrence.  There were books for sale about this collection, written by Evelyn Lawrence and Kathy Wright, which I purchased.  It's a fascinating history lesson on the time and on a rug hooking pioneer.  You can get a copy by contacting Kathy Wright at Traditions by Wright & Co, at 859-745-5740.  It's worth every penny.

My favorite part of the show?  When Samuel Dorr, son of Terry, with Dorr Mill Store, took the microphone to sing the closing song he wrote, "Somewhere Over the Selvage", to the tune of "Over the Rainbow".  It was a real show-stopper, literally.  He ended to a standing ovation.  What a fun week.  We are just a temporary booth at Sauder Village Rug Hooking Week, so we haven't been invited yet to next year's show, but I will be there either way.  It is a show that is not to be missed.

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