Monday, November 22, 2010

A Day in the Candy Shop

Hello all!

It has been crazycakes in the Bee Line-Townsend world!  The orders for cassettes and cutters have been pouring in, and we've been able to ship some cassettes.  Orders with cutter bodies should start going out this week, we're waiting on our sticker to put on the new Cutter Caddy, of all things.

However, I did get to go on a very fun field trip last Friday - the first leg of my journey as a Rookie Hooker!  First, I stopped at one of our storefronts, The Woolen Needle, in Williamsburg, Iowa.  I have pictures, I need to download them at home and post tonight.  Carla, Annette and Julie have a beautiful shop, chock full of goodies and customers.  I didn't get to stay nearly as long as I wanted, because I needed to get on the next leg of my journey, but long enough to know I will need to make a return trip soon. 

Then, my husband drove to our next stop - Altoona, Iowa, where Sharon Townsend opened up her lovely home to us.  Steve Woodward, the VP of Operations for Bee Line Company, Katie Lane, and Dean, the engineer at Townsend, were there as well.  We all chatted about the new product, and stood gawking at Sharon's beautiful work.  Her studio is fantastic.  Very light and bright, with bins and bins of neatly folded wool.  I started touching EVERYTHING.  I was like a toddler, touch touch touch.  If you've never met Sharon, let me tell you, she is graciousness personified.  I also got to see the lovely Katie Lane again.  Double Bonus!

Sharon, Katie and me. And loads and loads of gorgeous wool. 
It looks like my arm is around Katie, but I
might have my hand in a bin of wool.  Don't tell.

Then, we made the guys pose for a picture, Dean on the left and Steve on the right:

I don't think they were touching any of the wool.
Apparently I am the only one with boundary issues.

I talked with Sharon about how she got started, and different projects she is working on, and some of her favorite pieces.  There is joy in that studio, this I know for sure.

After seeing Sharon and Katie and crew, my husband and I drove to our final destination, the Iowa Junior Honors Orchestra in Ames, home of our alma mater Iowa State University, where our 8th grader was playing.  A perfect end to a perfect day.

Thanks for your e-mailed suggestions so far!  It's so helpful!

Weird weather today - is it warm in Iowa, with a cold front coming in, so there is a Tornado Watch right now.  Hopefully this dissipates by Thanksgiving!  Happy travels and a terrific holiday to everyone.

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