Friday, November 12, 2010

It's Alive... It's Alive!

It's a pretty exciting day here at Bee Line-Townsend!  After days and days of waiting, the website is finally live!  You can now order your Bee Line-Townsend cutter products on our website.  This has been a bit like having a baby and going past your due date, except this time my mother-in-law isn't going to send me flowers with my husband's name on them.

SO.  Enough about cutters.  I need to get to work with some hooking.  I have a few people who are willing to teach me, but none of them are local so I have to wait until I see them.  I have never been known for my patience, and I cannot stop thinking about hooking.  Here is my dilemma - there aren't any shops that I know of nearby, and I want to buy a hook and some rudimentary supplies.  I know there aren't many readers here yet, but if any of you who may stumble across this site have some tips for me, I need to know:

What are the startup essentials for a Rookie Hooker?

Where do I get them?

Do you recommend starting with a kit?

I already have access to the best possible cutter and cassettes, so I can cut any width strips.  Let me know what I need beyond that.  I look to you, wise hookers.

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  1. Hi Julie, Welcome to the world of rug hooking! I started with a kit, my first project. You will need a frame, a hook, some linen and wool, lots and lots of wonderful wool! There are stores all across the US and outside that have supplies. One of our local quilt shops has an avid rug hooker for an owner! A Nimble Thimble in Tyler, Texas - Katie Hartner has a wonderful supply for all these things. Have a wonderful time learning and meeting new people!