Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Let the Journey Begin!

Hi!  I'm Julie, and I'm the new Marketing Specialist for Bee Line Townsend products.  Townsend is a well-respected name in the rug hooking industry, especially known for the Townsend cutter.  We at Bee Line Company in Bettendorf, Iowa were very fortunate to acquire the Townsend line of rug hooking equipment after the Townsend Company closed last spring.  Now, I get to help bring the original Townsend line of products back to the market with their new home at Bee Line Company.  Literally 40 feet behind me, right now, people are assembling Bee Line Townsend Cutters.  It's so exciting!  When we are ready to take orders, which will be very soon, I will post the link on this blog.

I'm excited to meet many of you in the rug hooking industry, and I'm eager to get started on my own rug hooking projects.  My first step?  Finding an instructor.  If anyone knows of instructors in Eastern Iowa or Western Illinois, please let me know.  Until then, I'm devouring my rug hooking books and may try to start a project on my own - *gasp* - I'm thinking about the head of my Standard Poodle, George, in a pop art form.  This blog is my forum for not only sharing my journey as a Rookie Hooker, but as a forum for tips and advice from you, the experienced Hookers!

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