Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What Can Brown Do For Us?

Today at Bee Line Townsend we are having a training session with UPS to see what Brown can do for us to ship all those cutters and cassettes people are wanting.  Mr. Brown did not bring any snacking items, so already Brown did not do something for me, but he seems like a nice guy.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of talking to a few of our storefronts who sell the Bee Line Townsend products for us.  They are all terrific people, and I wish I could be in each one of their shops.  One customer I spoke with today found out I am originally from Fremont, Nebraska, and she is in Papillion, and told me about a wonderful shop in the Valley, Nebraska area called The Rug Hooking Store.  She described all of the amazing wool and tools, and it's all I can do to not get in my car and drive there and start touching things.

I can tell already that this is going to be a dangerous interest.  My husband should be cringing.

I like to do tile mosaic work, but I only like to use vintage china plates, particularly state plates.  I frequent Goodwill and the Salvation Army and garage sales, and lug home stacks of plates.  There is a room in my basement, the Mom Cave, and it is chock full of plates, waiting for me to take my aggression out on them in a big plate breaking session.  I'd better get breaking, because I can already see the future, and it is in bins of beautiful wool, waiting to be stripped into worms.

Since my candy shop is still off-limits to me, I guess I'll go see what Brown can do to get your equipment to you.  But I want to see pictures of the finished products!

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